I have always been attracted by street-art through it's “public” space appropriation concept. It is a way to say “I was there”. I took those pictures in the Geo. W. Reed and Co factory, the so called graffiti building in Montreal above the 720 highway.

This old abandoned factory is a special place for young graffers. It offers to those artists three levels where they can express and train themselves to this street-art genre. I love the place as you can visit it every month and never found the same graffiti painted on the walls and neither the same objects or traces on the floor. Pots, sprays, brushes and paint are the most common tools let on the floor.

Those objects are abandoned, as the factory, after being used. My intent was to make diptychs on graffiti and tool that was supposedly used to create it. The aim was to transform the obvious link between the tool and the graffiti into a specific and new relationship. It can be visual with the color, graphical with the composition or both. In some cases, my favourite, the relationship is dynamic as both seems to be involved in the same action or scene. I used the same 50mm lens to keep the same distance and frame.